A Kit Kat, Straight Up

"You want some candy, little girl?" asks Bob Mayer, as he pulls a miniature Kit Kat chocolate bar from a plastic bag.

Sound like a scene from "America's Most Wanted"? Well, to the adult female patrons of the watering hole H M S Bounty, across the street from the old Ambassador Hotel, it's just Bob. He's the slightly naughty but mostly sweet 71-year-old bartender who mixes drinks Sunday and Monday nights at the nautically themed dive that's frequented by Rod Steiger, Winona Ryder and Beck.

Why Kit Kats? "They're tasty and not messy," Bob says. "I've tried other stuff, but the kids don't like other stuff."

On a busy night, Bob might hand out 50 mini Kit Kats. But only to the ladies. "Sometimes I catch the girls sneaking 'em to guys," he says. "I give them a dirty look."

H M S Bounty, 3357 Wilshire Blvd.; (213) 385-7275.

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