Partyers Got a Piece of 'Pie'

Jason Biggs (2), the 21-year-old star of Universal Pictures' bawdy new comedy "American Pie," barely had time for his own premiere, let alone to concern himself with any lasting impressions of the film's already infamous pie scene. "I'm confident it won't haunt me the rest of my career," joked Biggs, who made a brief appearance at the Universal City gala before catching the redeye to New York for an appearance on "Late Show With David Letterman."

Even without its star, "Pie's" after-party buzzed with prom-like excitement. But with so many of the young actors accompanied by their parents, it seemed more like graduation day. "Look at everybody here," said Ben Affleck, whose younger brother, Casey, has a cameo in "Pie." "They're all too young to drink."

That didn't stop the actors from diving into some of "Pie's" more salacious material. Shannon Elizabeth (2), 22, who plays a sultry foreign exchange student, said she had some explaining to do before letting her father watch the film. "I told him he had to wait until I was with him before he could see it."

"I'm proud of everything my daughter has done," said Elizabeth's father, who flew in from Orlando for the premiere. "But daddy is always the last to know."

Natasha Lyonne (1), Alyson Hannigan (3), left, with Tara Reid and Edward Furlong (4) were there, too.

The Greek Theatre is miles from the coast, but the Go-Go's hosted a '60s-themed beach party with their hometown reunion concert Thursday. The crowd lobbed beach balls as sequin-clad go-go dancers shimmied onstage and the band played a breezy set of punk and pop faves. Backstage, the fab five (who all look better than they did during their '80s heyday) entertained a lively group of partyers that included KROQ deejay Rodney Bingenheimer and MTV's Chris Connelly. .

Newlyweds Courteney Cox and David Arquette (5) join Kelly Stone, sister of Sharon Stone and founder of Planet Hope, at a fund-raiser for the charity, which helps the homeless.

Jenny Shimizu (6), k.d. lang and Gus Van Sant (7) at the opening of Outfest '99.

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