What's Hot

* Last week's Top 5 rentals: "Enemy of the State," "Patch Adams," "Saving Private Ryan," "Varsity Blues" and "The Thin Red Line."

* Last week's Top 5 sellers: "Rush Hour," "Austin Powers International Man of Mystery," "A Bug's Life," "The Truman Show" and "Blade."

What's New

In stores this week:

* "Central Station" (Columbia TriStar), Oscar-nominated Brazilian drama starring Fernanda Montenegro.

* "A Civil Action" (Touchstone), courtroom thriller starring John Travolta. (PG-13)

* "She's All That" (Miramax), romantic comedy starring Freddie Prinze Jr. (PG-13)

* "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" (New Yorker, $30), Oscar-nominated documentary.

* "My Own Country" (Blockbuster), drama starring Naveen Andrews.

* "Goodnight, Mister Tom" (Anchor Bay, $20), "Masterpiece Theatre" drama starring John Thaw.

* "Superstar Shortstops" (Polygram Video, $15), a look at the young crop of shortstops.

* "Champagne and the Talking Eggs" (First Run, $15), animated shorts by Michael Sporn.

* "Pop" (First Run, $30), Joel Meyerowtiz's documentary.

What's Coming

* Tuesday: "The General," "8MM," "Down in the Delta," "The 24-Hour Woman" and "Virus."

* July 27: "Payback," "Blast From the Past," "October Sky" and "Baby Geniuses."

* Aug. 3: "Message in a Bottle." "Cruel Intentions," "20 Dates" and "Tango."

* Aug 10: "Shakespeare in Love," "The Corruptor," "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "The Deep End of the Ocean," "The Mod Squad," "True Crime" and "Celebrity."

Rental video charts provided by VSDA

VidTrac, sales charts by VideoScan Inc.

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