Dads Look at Life's Big Questions

WISDOM OF OUR FATHERS: Timeless Life Lessons on Health, Wealth, God, Golf, Fear, Fishing, Sex, Serenity, Laughter and Hope

by Joe Kita


$17.95, 232 pages


This is a gentle book compiling bits of advice and learning from 138 fathers, ranging in age from 40 to 92. The author asks them to ponder such questions as "What's the key to happiness?" and "What's the one thing in life I shouldn't miss?"

The answers range from essays to one-liners and are, for the most part, a pleasure to read. An overarching theme among many of the comments is to slow down, enjoy your kids while they're still kids, and pay attention to the beauty of the world around you.

The author notes that most of the men he talked to had actually never been asked these "big picture" questions. Perhaps the moral of the story for men is that Dad does know best. Just ask him.

WHEN A MAN TURNS FORTY: The Ultimate Midlife Manual

by Curtis Pesmen


$19.95, 248 pages


As the title suggests, this is a how-to book on surviving the milestone of 40 and maintaining good health well into the second half of life. The author points out the pluses of turning 40 and provides advice to help men stay at the top of their game health-wise, in business and in personal relationships.

Lots of regular guys are interviewed, which adds a nice dimension to a book that, overall, may be a little bit too optimistic for some men. There is no serious discussion of depression or dissatisfaction with life at 40. Guys who don't want to "train like a Super Bowl champ" or aren't particularly worried about "how prostate surgery can help your golf game" may find this book superficial. Still, there is much good advice and information within.


by Charles B. Inlander and the People's Medical Society

IDG Books

$19.99, 380 pages


You know the Dummies drill: basic, easy-to-read information. This book is very complete, however, and is a good overall health guide for men of all ages. The best features of the Dummies books are the at-a-glance lists and tips boxes. (There is also a "Women's Health for Dummies" out, too.)

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