Heard but Not Seen

Here's one way to prevent bumping into furniture in the middle of the night: replace those box speakers on the living room floor with ones that are inconspicuously installed in the wall.

Culver City-based Miller & Kreisel Sound sells a two-speaker system with a bass extender that can make it seem as if music is flowing directly from the walls.

The concept of in-wall speakers is not new, but the market has been a relatively low-end one, says Chuck Back, M&K;'s executive vice president.

One main difference in his company's product is a less intrusive design, Back says. M&K; speakers have grilles designed to be painted the color of the wall to blend in. And, according to Back, there is no sound deterioration due to painting the speakers because that has been accounted for in the design.

M&K;'s in-wall sound system costs $350 to $550 per speaker. For more information: (310) 204-2854.

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