Click Here: A roundup of recommended Web sites

* The Earth Moved: Get the 411 on what's shaking before the TV news by using the U.S. Geological Survey's interactive earthquake maps: /recenteqs /Maps/Los_Angeles.html

* Bugged: What's that you just stepped on? Everything you want to know about bugs and a lot that, well, you're going to be sorry you found out:

* Better Rated: Compare homeowners' and auto insurance premiums, get tips, see who's been naughty or nice at the California Department of Insurance site: /Idconsum.htm. And then pay through the nose.

* Nowhere but Up: Inflation, deflation, stagnation. Mucho numbers crunching from a variety of inflation calculators at NASA:

* I Don't Know Anything About Art, but: See why painting is a privilege and not a right at the Museum of Bad Art:

* Take That, Thou: There's nothing worse than an angry Bard. Shakespearean insults at /kabacoff/Inter-Links /cgi/bard.cgi. And no, they're not real quotes. If you want real quotes, get them from Groucho Marx at http:// www.theright


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