New Sketch Released to Identify Burning Victim

Sheriff's investigators have released a second composite sketch of a woman burned to death by someone nearly two weeks ago in an unincorporated area south of Whittier.

Unlike the first sketch, a reconstruction of the woman's face based on her remains, this one is based on witness descriptions of a homeless woman who apparently lived in the area and has not been seen since the July 9 slaying, authorities said.

Residents of the working-class neighborhood told sheriff's detectives that the homeless woman always wore a green and white bandanna and flannel shirt, like the victim was wearing, and bore some resemblance to the first composite.

Neighbors also said they hadn't seen the homeless woman since the victim was set on fire and burned to death outside a business on the 10700 block of Inez Avenue at about 4 a.m. that Friday.

The face on the new composite is fuller, especially in the cheeks, and older in appearance than the first.

Deputy Elisabeth Sachs cautioned that the second sketch is solely based on descriptions of the homeless woman, who may turn out not to be the victim.

Authorities are hoping that someone who knows the homeless woman or has seen her will come forward either to negate or help confirm their theory.

The victim is described as 5-feet-2, 130 pounds and in her late teens to early 30s.

Anyone with information is asked to call (323) 890-5500.

A man in his 30s seen leaving the crime scene in a blue and white 1984 Chevrolet Silverado pickup is being sought by authorities for questioning.

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