Angel Fans Give an Indication They Won’t Sign Off on Trade

I am surprised I am taking the time to do this, but I find myself so infuriated, I don’t know what else to do.

How can the Angels trade Randy Velarde (If you haven’t noticed, he is the most consistent defensive and offensive player on the team, despite the past conflict with Terry Collins) and Omar Olivares (one of the few Angel pitchers this year who seems to make it consistently into the sixth inning) for three players, none of whom is any higher than double-A ball!

To make things worse, two of them are outfielders. Gee, we don’t have enough of them, do we?

The Angels had one of the best double-play combos in baseball. If it weren’t for all the double plays DiSarcina and Velarde made, the team would have probably lost another 10 games this year.


About my only joy this year has been watching Velarde having a good at-bat almost every time up, making spectacular diving plays and taking the relay throw and gunning people out with his repaired bionic arm.

Maybe Dave Parker is still available, or how about Cecil Fielder?

I would love to know the Angels are not giving up. If they are, why shouldn’t the fans?

MIKE DUNN, Mission Viejo



If career Angel Chuck Finley bolts to a playoff contender and then signs with the Angels in the off-season, I hope his name is correctly spelled on the contract: Benedict Arnold Finley.