A Chance to Rock, Roll, Dribble and Putt


Question from March 23:

Alice Cooper has forgone the mascara and microphone in favor of sunscreen and a golf club. Can you suggest other unusual pairings of musicians and sports?

Obviously, Tiny Tim takes over at center for Shaq.

--JIM SABO, Pasadena

Marilyn Manson in the sun, wearing shorts while playing a game of tennis.



The Spice Girls should form an NBA basketball team. They could give Dennis Rodman some competition and be another team that can beat the Clippers.



Marina del Rey

Picture Yo-Yo Ma climbing into his jalopy for a round of demolition derby.


West Los Angeles

At the other end of the spectrum, Zubin and Nancy Mehta head the world’s baaaaddest biker group, which includes Van Cliburn, Pinchas Zukerman, Beverly Sills and Darci Kistler.



How about Rage Against the Machine stock car races [and] the Chicago Bears versus the Whitney Houston Oilers?



ZZ Top skating in a roller derby with spinning guitars playing “Legs” during coed jamming. Mary of Peter, Paul & Mary in harness racing--either riding or pulling. The Boston Pops playing the Air Force song while bouncing on half an acre of trampoline.

--WAYNE E. SCOTT, Camarillo

Question for March 31:

The Century Plaza Hotel & Tower in Century City has renamed its 30th floor the Ronald Reagan Suite. Its amenities include bulletproof glass windows and a video library with “Bedtime for Bonzo” and “Brother Rat” (see story, this page). What other places in the city should be renamed and remodeled?

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