Campo de Cahuenga

Once again, Los Angeles has the opportunity to honor its history, and once again it may be lost. The Capitulation of Cahuenga was signed at Campo de Cahuenga in what is now North Hollywood in 1847, ending the hostilities of the Mexican-American War and laying the foundation upon which California was built in 1849.

The foundation of our history lies near the entrance to the Cahuenga Pass at Campo de Cahuenga. Over time, this landmark has been neglected, and its significance has been paved over in the name of progress. Even now, traffic pounds it daily under the pavement of Lankershim Boulevard. In an effort to widen Lankershim and alleviate congestion in the Barham / Cahuenga corridor, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation may feel it necessary to expropriate further portions of the grounds.

While traffic is a problem we all suffer, this proposal needs to consider the potential of the site. The City Council officially declared Campo de Cahuenga as city historical site No. 29 in 1950. It is likewise registered as state historical site No. 151. Not only should the adobe foundation be preserved, it should be developed and exhibited. With the opening of the Red Line subway station, the site could become a national center of educational, historical and cultural vibrancy, similar to that of El Presidio in Santa Barbara.


The Campo de Cahuenga Memorial Historical Assn. is circulating petitions to garner citizen support. We applaud their efforts and encourage readers to speak their voice. The campo can be faxed at (818) 762-2734 and written at P.O. Box 956, North Hollywood, CA 91603.

Our history defines us. It informs our children that Los Angeles and California go back before the advent of TV, movies and the Internet. We are lost without it.


President, Universal

City / North Hollywood Junior Chamber of Commerce