These Fabric and Cosmetic Cover-Ups Let Your Skin Hide Out at the Beach

From the Fashion Police Blotter: A couple of weeks ago, we heard from “Beach Bound,” who wanted help for hiding a large port wine birthmark on her leg. We suggested trying a cosmetic cover-up such as Dermablend or Covermark, or wearing a sarong to hide the mark when she’s out of the water.

Several readers wrote to tell us about other alternatives: “Water Legs,” full-length stretch pants ($62.95) that don’t create drag in the water, and “Zip Water Shirt,” a zip-front long-sleeve, high-neck stretch top ($84.95) that can also be worn in the water. Both are available from Sun Precautions by catalog at (800) 882-7860, or on the Web at

A revolution that’s happening in swimwear may also help those who want full coverage: the swim bodysuit. Nike, Speedo, Adidas and Tyr all have versions of this suit, which is a one-piece suit that extends to the ankles. So far, we’ve found none on the retail market. They seem available now only for athletes.

However, Nike said its bodysuits (a full-length and knee-length) will be available soon. Nike’s full-length suits for women will be in stores mid-August and will retail for about $102; the knee-length will be in stores Aug. 1 and will cost $82. The men’s version (it only comes in full-length) debuts Sept. 1 and will run about $112.


Look for them at NikeTown and athletic stores that carry Nike swimwear.


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