Click Here: A roundup of recommended Web sites

Feeling a little testy? If you get a kick out of those magazine personality tests, check out Find out what kind of dog you really are, your IQ or whether you’re ready to meet your maker.

He said, he said: Wondering what Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes have to say about race relations? Or what Gore, McCain, Bradley and Bush have done about the environment? Have ElectionSearch2000 (https://www dig it up for you.

Hey, where are Susan Dey and Blair Underwood? This L.A. law doesn’t have that kind of star power, but it does give a guide to laws, law resources, legal issues and law firms of Los Angeles. At, you can also get information on the local headline cases.

Supper Tuesday: Not only is Tuesday primary voting day in California, it’s Mardi Gras. Gorge yourself on what’s happening at party central in Louisiana at https://www

‘Psycho’ analyze: So you think Alfred Hitchcock got it all wrong with that classic shower scene. Now you can take a stab at, or edit, your own version of the 48-second sequence at /psychostudio.


I love my boss: If you think your supervisor is Satan, check out some of the losers listed monthly at MyBossSucks ( You can also find some plausible excuses for screeching into work late.

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