Avon Raises $14 Million to Combat Breast Cancer

From Times wire services

Andrea Jung, president and chief executive of Avon Products, has announced that the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade will contribute nearly $14 million to fund breast cancer medical research, education and support services.

Avon said $11 million will fund grants to five leading academic health centers that pursue a broad spectrum of research into the possible causes, prevention, treatment and cure of breast cancer. Each beneficiary will receive $2.2 million to conduct research and to provide clinical care to medically underserved and minority women. (The only California beneficiary will be the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center at UC Irvine Medical Center.)

Launched seven years ago, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade raises funds through the sale of special pink-ribbon products and the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day, a series of three-day, 60-mile fund-raising walks. The 2000 series includes seven events between May and October.

Lighten Up: Chew flaxseed, roast your veggies, drink ginger tea and take a break from e-mail. The current issue of Family Circle magazine has compiled a list of get-fit tips from the nation’s top health and beauty retreats. Save the cost of a luxury spa and try these at home:

* Chew flaxseed. Before dinner chew a tablespoon of flaxseed (available at health-food stores) 25 times to break the seeds open. The fatty acids can help control your appetite.


* Roast your veggies instead of boiling them. Place vegetables on a baking sheet coated with nonfat cooking spray and roast in a hot oven for crispy, moist vegetables--better taste without added fat.

* Take an e-mail break. At work, get up and chat with co-workers instead of sending an e-mail. You will sneak in extra fitness throughout the day.

Uplifting Underwear: First there was Kleenex. Then came the Wonderbra. Now make way for the X-Bra.

Cleavage just got a make-over with Lily of France’s newest bra. The X-Bra gives women a little something else up front by using an innovative “cleavage enhancement” technique.

Simply lift the clasp and pull the silky strap between the cups to control the amount of cleavage you desire. Leave the cups 1 inch apart to look like Betty, pull them close to resemble Veronica.

The X-Bra costs $25 and is available at department stores.

Web Designs: Twenty-seven L.A. designers are making their work available to a worldwide audience on a newly launched Web site,

“Los Angeles gets overlooked because most designers move to New York after they are successful,” said Michelle Harb, creative director of the site. “There is a wealth of talent here that does not get exposed.”

The online boutique sells designs of up-and-comers such as Alicia Lawhon, Estevan Ramos and Freddi Rojas, accessories from e:oh, Temma Dahan, Adriana Caras and Dolores & Maxine.