Glendale Police Employee Turns Down Plea Bargain


A civilian employee of the Glendale Police Department rejected a plea offer on Monday, opting instead to stand trial on charges he abused his wife.

Chahe Keuroghelian, 43, who declined an offer by prosecutors of 90 days in jail, could face one year behind bars if convicted on four misdemeanor counts. The charges include brandishing a firearm, making terrorist threats, battery on a spouse and simple battery against one of his children.

“I didn’t take the plea because I want the truth to come out,” said Keuroghelian, who works as a spokesman for the Police Department. “If I had taken the plea, it would have left the impression that I do accept the charges.”

Deputy Dist. Atty. Courtney Pilchman said she was surprised by Keuroghelian’s decision.


“The judge made it perfectly clear that she was going to give him more than 90 days [if he is convicted],” Pilchman said.

“We have the facts to support our charges.”

Pilchman said Monday that the offer would remain on the table until she had a chance to speak with Mark Geragos, Keuroghelian’s attorney.

Keuroghelian, who lives in Glendale, is legally separated from his wife, Sosy.


“I’m tired of this being dragged out,” Keuroghelian said outside the courtroom. ‘I’m just anxious to put this whole thing behind us so we can go on with our lives.”

Keuroghelian was placed on paid administrative leave by the Glendale Police Department because of separate allegations, after a search warrant was served in August on the Educational Center, an immigration assistance business that he owned.

The district attorney has declined to provide any further information about that case, saying only that it is under investigation.

Keuroghelian will remain on leave until the L.A. County district attorney’s office completes its investigation of his business, an investigation which authorities say is unrelated to the domestic violence case.


Willert is a reporter for the Glendale News Press.