Do Battle With Xena Fans

Now you can own a genuine piece of the "Xena: Warrior Princess" show. But bring plenty of cash.

Items from the beloved cult TV series, which came to a sad end late last month with the death of the title character, are being auctioned off by the producers on the Internet. Some of the prices already fetched: a sword used on the show went for $17,600, a costume worn by Gabrielle (Xena's faithful companion, played by actress Renee O'Connor) brought a winning bid of $16,001.33 and an outfit worn by Xena (Lucy Lawless) went for $16,000.

Not all the items were that pricey, but it was rare to find one that was claimed by a Xena fan for less than $100.

The producers say they will donate $250,000 from the auctions to ChildHelp USA, a nonprofit organization that battles child abuse. The charity was chosen by Lawless, according to representatives of the show.

This week, items from the final shows are on the block. They include a red kimono worn by Lawless that was made to snap off her during a fight sequence (it includes the costumer's tag, which reads, "Xena Red Kimono Breakaway"), Xena's silver-painted sword that is retractable so it could appear to stab someone, a sake bottle from the final episode that was made of rubber to keep it from breaking during filming and a 10-piece samurai armor set.

Already auctioned off in previous weeks was the funeral urn for Xena's ashes. But if you want a similar item, the current batch includes a wood platform used to display Xena's decapitated head.

These items will be up for bidding at until Sunday.

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