Fullerton Body Still Not ID'd


The Fullerton Police Department has issued an artist's sketch of an unidentified man who was shot to death and found in an alley Thursday.

The victim, a Caucasian man in his early 20s, was found behind a tire store in the 300 block of West Highland Avenue. Police Sgt. Kevin Hamilton said the man had been shot elsewhere within 24 hours, then dumped in the alley within an hour of his body being discovered.

The man had black hair with frosted tips and an olive complexion. Police said he was 6 feet, 250 pounds with a muscular build and brown eyes. The victim has three scars including a large surgical one from his right hip to his right thigh.

He also had two tattoos. One, which appeared to be new, was a skull on the outside of his left leg. The other, on his right shoulder blade, depicted a shield, which has been identified as Croatian in origin, with a red-and-white checked pattern.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (714) 738-6715.

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