He's Lucky in Love and in Lottery Lines

From Times Wire Reports

Cyrus Yaghooti has good luck with lottery ticket lines.

Eleven years after meeting his future wife in a lottery line, Yaghooti won half of a record $54-million Ohio Lottery jackpot with a ticket he bought in the same store.

"The thing we will do right now is take a nice trip and take it all in," Betty Yaghooti said.

The Yaghootis met while waiting to buy lottery tickets at Spee-D-Foods in North Canton in 1990. Cyrus Yaghooti was at the store last week to buy a newspaper. Because he had only a $20 bill, he decided to buy $10 in lottery tickets.

Although the prize was $54 million, both ticket holders requested the discounted lump-sum payment and will split $16 million.

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