Blitzstein's 'Cradle'

As the author of "Mark the Music: The Life and Work of Marc Blitzstein," I take exception to Hugh Hart's claim that "The Cradle Will Rock" "rarely enjoys revivals" ("A Personal Page Out of History," July 1). The last production he names was from 18 years ago: John Houseman's Acting Company staging.

The last Los Angeles production was by the Blank Theatre Company in 1994, also documented by a superb recording. In addition, two other full-length recordings are or have been available. Four cast recordings--plus the CD from the recent Tim Robbins film--of a supposedly "dated" labor musical from the 1930s! Not a bad track record, I'd say.

In fact, "Cradle" receives a production by somebody somewhere in the U.S. on an average of once or twice a year. It's a genuine classic piece of musical Americana.


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