Clothes horse Winona Ryder is cleaning out...

Clothes horse Winona Ryder is cleaning out her closet for charity. We hear that the size 2 actress hauled about 200 outfits over to the hip, high-end Melrose Avenue resale store Decades last week. The idea, according to Decades proprietor Cameron Silver, is to auction the designer duds and raise $30,000 for one of Ryder's favorite charities, U2's Third World Relief Fund. The details are still being worked out.

Silver informs us that Ryder has agreed to part with a pink Armani gown and red clutch bag she wore to the American Film Institute's tribute to director Martin Scorsese; the Gucci shoes she wore in 1995 to the Academy Awards, when she was nominated for "Little Women"; a Galliano gown she wore to the Cannes Film Festival; and outfits that were freebies from designers. Some have never been worn, Silver said.

Ryder is also giving away a few pieces from her vintage collection, including an outfit Claudette Colbert wore in "It Happened One Night," a couple of handbags given to Ryder by Katharine Hepburn, two of Audrey Hepburn's dresses and loungewear that once draped Joan Crawford and Mae West.

Since no good deed goes unpunished, Ryder had to dodge a paparazzo as she carried clothes into the store on Tuesday. Silver told us that the guy managed to raise his camera while making a U-turn on Melrose, then staked out the store. Shop employees foiled him, Silver said, by covering Ryder with shopping bags and hustling her out the back door.

No Baby Talk

Alas, it looks like a report that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will soon be hearing the pitter-patter of little Pitt feet simply isn't true. The couple, married a year ago in Malibu, aren't expecting a child, according to their spokespeople.

Rumors swirled after the German edition of Marie Claire magazine quoted Pitt as saying, "No. 1 is already on the way. Now we're just hoping that everything goes well."

Says Aniston's spokesman, Stephen Huvane, "It's a fabricated quote." A spokeswoman for Pitt added that the bogus quote appears to have originated at a Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. conference four months ago. "But he never said that. It was a misprint in the magazine," she said. "They're going to have to print a retraction. The writer confirmed it was untrue."

The Clinton Watch

Here's something we haven't seen in a while: Bill and Hillary Clinton at the same events. The former president and the frosh senator attended a fund-raiser together in New York on Sunday for children maimed in Sierra Leone's civil war.

A day later, the Clintons were among the more than 3,000 people crowding Washington's National Cathedral for the funeral of former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham.

Day Pass

Bestselling author and convicted perjurer Lord Jeffrey Archer is back behind bars in Britain after being briefly let out of jail to attend a memorial service for his mother. Lola Haynes died of a stroke at age 87 during the waning days of her son's perversion of justice trial. Archer, who has just started serving a four-year sentence for fudging evidence in a 1987 libel case, spent a few hours Saturday at his family's home and a nearby church--under police guard, of course.

He did get to shed his handcuffs at the service, although the police were against the idea. He read a passage from the Book of Revelations. Then, Archer, 61, was shuttled back to the Belmarsh prison in a van with tinted windows. According to one report, he's already making new friends in the exercise yard, where he shook hands the other day with Ronnie Biggs, notorious for the Great Train Robbery.

Merv's Move

We hear that Merv Griffin's events production company, appropriately named Merv Griffin Productions, has literally taken off. The company's growing so fast it has taken over Merv's hangar space at Santa Monica Airport. At the request of production heads Carleen Cappelletti and Craig Waldman, who have converted the hangar into office space, Griffin now flies his Challenger jet out of Van Nuys. The company was involved recently in an event that transformed La Brea Tar Pits into a dinosaur theme park for the Discovery Channel. (Hmm. We thought that's what it was .) Attending the party were Donna Mills, Ed Harris, Jane Seymour and James Keach and their twins Kristopher and John. Alas, Griffin couldn't be there, but he watched a video of the party in the screening room of his 164-foot yacht, "The Griff," off Cannes. He said the bash looked faaaabulous .


Thora Birch, tossing a coin into the lucky fountain at Le Meridien and making a wish .... Will Ferrell, savoring the lobster and pot stickers, while at another table Salma Hayek ordered her usual calamari salad at Asia de Cuba at Mondrian .... Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, having drinks at the bar at Morton's.

Quote, Unquote

"I was issued a very long cigarette holder. I was always being warned, 'You have to use your holder because you'll just go up in flames.' Luckily, I didn't burn up." --Helena Bonham Carter, on the perils of smoking in her "Planet of the Apes" monkey makeup to Maxim magazine.


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