Armstrong Deserves All of the Accolades

Diane Pucin's July 23 column titled "Clearly, He's Too Good to Be True" touched on a subject that is rarely published among sports writers today--true heroism within sportsmanship.

To appreciate the incredible personal and athletic feats Lance Armstrong has conquered, one would have to have endured cancer and win the Tour de France, something no one else has done.

Michael J. Rubio



Even when the press is supportive of Lance Armstrong, he can't get a break. Was it my imagination, or was every headline that day ("Armstrong Fills Rival With a Dose of Doubt," "Armstrong Tests Our Cynicism") laden with double meaning, perpetuating the vicious, unfounded rumors about Armstrong and doping? Outside OLN's telecast, U.S. media coverage of the Tour de France has been pathetic, but it seems as if a great champion such as Armstrong would be better off with no coverage at all from The Times.

Evelyn Jeong

Agoura Hills

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