Energy Panel Clears Way for New Power Plant

From Times Staff Reports

The California Energy Commission cleared the way Wednesday for construction of a power plant on surplus land at the California Institution for Men near Chino.

The commission voted 3 to 0 with two members absent to approve the 180-megawatt Pegasus Power Partners' plant, part of the first wave of plants approved through a fast-track process to help relieve the state's energy crisis.

Dean Vanech, president of Pegasus' parent company, New Jersey-based Delta Power, said the project is close to securing a permit from the South Coast Air Quality Management District so it can begin work preparing the plant's 12-acre site.

Before the plant can begin selling the electricity generated by its four natural gas-fired turbines--enough to light 180,000 homes--Pegasus must secure a license from the California Department of Water Resources.

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