Fast Cars in the Canyon Get Bumpy Reception

Re "Speed Bumps Drive Wedge Between Canyon Residents," June 13: There is no question that traffic is traveling faster in this area, often with no regard for what lies beyond some of its blind corners. I applaud the long-due action by the city, though I'm not sure speed bumps will make a meaningful difference given today's high-performance cars garaged within this affluent enclave.

An experienced cyclist, I have used Mandeville Canyon Road as a safe and quiet means to access local mountain trails. In the last several years, I have come closer than ever to being struck by cars traveling well over the posted limit up the canyon. Combining excess speed with the proliferation of unsafe cell phone usage, action had to be taken. I observe drivers to be less patient and more frustrated with those around them as many are becoming caught up in the burden of overgrowth and congestion being created within Los Angeles.

Scott Shipman

Los Angeles


Wow! Here's a bunch of wealthy, whining homeowners complaining because their neighbors (who obviously aren't as "well off") were concerned with a basic safety issue of speeders on their street and took measures to legally rectify it. It'll be real interesting to see how the arrogant mega-money residents from the top of the hill "buy" a solution to this latest assault on their delicate sensibilities. What's next, banning stop signs because they cause undue wear on brakes?

Roderic Kavanagh

Sherman Oaks

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