Plenty of Calista on 'Portrait,' 'Ally'


Can't get enough of Calista Flockhart?

Consider yourself booked tonight at 7 as the Lifetime series "Intimate Portrait" kicks off its sixth season with a one-hour glimpse at the guarded actress who plays the miniskirted star of "Ally McBeal."

Flockhart, whose career was blossoming on Broadway before she hooked up with creator David E. Kelley, sounds off on a variety of topics, including the lean years ("I think auditioning is really hard. It's like dating, for God's sake!"), Ally's mannerisms ("The I-I-I-I-I and the stuttering I did was simply because I didn't know my lines") and, of course, the widespread rumors about an eating disorder ("At first I tried to laugh it off, but then it just kept going and going and suddenly there were some really big lies out there about me").

This week's other episodes of "Intimate Portrait" will focus on boxer Laila Ali (Tuesday), "Once and Again" star Sela Ward (Wednesday), gossip columnist Liz Smith (Thursday) and supermodel Naomi Campbell (Friday).

And if the Flockhart profile leaves you wanting more, there's an "Ally" repeat at 9 p.m. on Fox with Chubby Checker and Anne Heche as guest stars.

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