Architect Brenda Levin's Growing Reputation

Thank you for Susan Freudenheim's insightful piece on architect Brenda Levin ("L.A.'s Designing Woman," June 10). As clients and members of Griffith Observatory's Renovation and Expansion Steering Committee, it is a great comfort to have her thoughtful counsel.

Griffith Observatory is a Los Angeles icon, and all of us involved are committed to preserving its historic fabric. It is to Levin and her staff that we turn for guidance and sensitive solutions in every part of the historic structure.

When Levin and Associates was selected along with Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer for this project, Levin and her work were well known to the selection committee. After the opening of a restored City Hall and later, Griffith Observatory, we are confident her reputation will spread far beyond Los Angeles.


Friends of the Observatory

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