Chopped-Up 'Rouge'

("It's a Musical, Baz--So How About Showing the Dances?," June 18). He articulates so well the feelings conjured up for me by what was almost a grand musical.

I found this visually rich and opulent movie to be ultimately unsatisfying in its chopped-up editing of the dance sequences. (Think of MTV on speed.)

As a result of my frustration, I rented some old movie musicals, notably "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," just to watch the dance scenes. They were continuous, entire dances and guess what, totally enthralling and exciting!

I observe dance audiences, whether they are in a movie theater or a live stage show, and, believe me, Baz, they love to see dancing. Do you have so little faith in your audience that you think they won't appreciate a complete dance move or, better yet, a whole dance?

Here's a suggestion: Re-edit "Moulin Rouge" and put back the dance numbers. I promise to go see it again, to take my friends and family, and to appreciate it more fully.


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