Resources for Tourette Syndrome

* The nonprofit Tourette Syndrome Assn., based in Bayside, N.Y., publishes articles and material for families, educators and physicians on the disorder, and funds Tourette research. Call (718) 224-2999 or (888) 486-8738.

The association maintains a Web site with extensive information on treatment, research, insurance and disability issues, and other helpful contacts at

* The Southern California chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Assn. provides information, education and support services to individuals and families. It also provides help with support groups, medical and legal referrals, and offers public awareness programs.

The chapter office can be reached at (818) 344-0948. The Web site, at http:// , contains links to other support groups and associations, treatment programs and resources.

* The Tourette Spectrum Disorder Assn., based in Redlands, is a nonprofit organization that provides information about Tourette syndrome and associated conditions for professionals, doctors and patients. It also maintains crisis telephone lines and referral lists. Call (909) 794-3000 for information, or go to the Web site,

* Another useful Web site, is maintained by Leslie Packer, a New York psychologist who treats Tourette and is a past TSA chapter president.

The site includes links to TSA chapters, extensive information on treatment, tics, support groups, useful books and videos, and data on 3,500 patients from the Tourette International Consortium.

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