Information Is Enchanting on This Fun Site

Children delight in exploring their world when the venue is both amusing and informative.

The goal at Enchanted Learning at is to deliver a huge amount of educational content with little fuss or mess. Nearly everything on the site is the result of requests for homework help from parents, teachers and children.

The site provides an inviting learning environment with a simple, straightforward design that younger children will have no problem navigating. There are about 20 categories on the home page offering a good overview for visitors, especially if they start with Zoom Dinosaurs, where they can access descriptions, quizzes, pictures, printouts, activities and crafts on hundreds of dinosaurs. They also can enjoy an illustrated paleontology dictionary, play games such as Scrambled Dinosaurs, read some cornball dino jokes and take a peek at the history of movie dinosaurs--flubs and all.

There is similar information on sharks, apes, astronomy, rain forests, inventors and inventions and the oceans. It should be noted that a Zoom symbol before a category denotes more in-depth study. Also, Enchanted Learning features an "online classroom" called Zoom School, which is intended for elementary school students and features a monthly theme and lesson plans for teachers.

There is a lot of cross-linking, but kids also can choose from more than 70 alphabetical links on the home page from animal printouts to geography to science dictionary to U.S. state flags. There is a kindergarten and preschool area with letter and number printouts, crafts and an A-Z animal printout. The K-3 area includes crafts, rhymes, quizzes and printouts as well.


Karen Jones is a freelance writer specializing in children's interactive media.

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