Michael Boatman

* The actor plays Carter Heywood on "Spin City" Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. He also co-stars in "Arli$$," which can be seen in the same slot on HBO.

Kids' Stuff: As a family, we enjoy renting kids' videos and DVDs. My daughter, Jordan, is into DVDs now. She's only 4. We'll rent everything from an old Disney movie to something that's animated.

Fair Play: My wife, daughter and I go up to a fair every Sunday morning at the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Boulevard. There's a children's area with rides and popcorn and candy. We do that many Sundays, actually. It's like a little carnival with small rides for kids. Jordan and I love to visit the Bookstar store in the same area. We go in and find kids' books. We were just in there recently looking for books about dogs. We're in the process of hunting out a good dog for our family. I'm very research-oriented when it comes to making new purchases--dogs, cars, that kind of thing.

Sketch Artist: I see sketch comedy as much as I can. I love places like the Improv and the Groundlings. I love seeing people who are fast on their feet. It's more about admiring the person's ingenuity.

Reading the Comics: I usually shop at the Golden Apple comics store over on Melrose in Hollywood. That's my longtime comic book connection here in L.A. Whenever the big comic book artists and writers and those people come to L.A., they go to Golden Apple to do signings and that sort of thing. Lots of celebs hang out there. I've seen Michael Jackson there. It's a very chic comic book store.

Just Super: My favorite character of all time is probably Superman. Everybody's old favorite. You're either a Superman person or a Batman person. It's like cat people, dog people. Beatles people, Elvis people. You know what I mean?

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