Bill Homeier; Race Car Driver Took Part in 3 Indy 500 Races

Bill Homeier, 82, a native of Pasadena who drove in three Indianapolis 500s, died May 2 in Houston.

Homeier began racing midget cars around Southern California after World War II and was second in national rankings in 1953.

Homeier holds one of the more unusual Indy track records. No other last-place finisher in the Indy 500 drove more laps than Homeier before dropping out of the race. In 1954, Homeier drove to lap 75 when his foot slipped off the clutch during a pit stop and his car smacked into a pit wall, ending his race. He finished 33rd that year.

At Indy, he also finished 13th in 1960, and drove in relief of Walt Faulkner, who finished fifth, in 1955.


Homeier was injured in a midget race in Gardena and on the sidelines most of the 1956 season. He went to Indy in 1958, but mechanical problems kept him from qualifying.