South County Activism Keeps On Growing

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Re “No-Growth ‘Activism’ in S. County Is a Sham,” Aug. 19 letter:

I disagree with letter writer Gary Amigliore of Anaheim Hills that the heightened environmental activism in south Orange County is a sham.

I have attended all the public hearings he referred to but didn’t see any busloads of people from other counties, only a few people who have championed the cause.

At the Transportation Corridor Agencies hearing in San Clemente several months ago, the majority of the thousand people in attendance were residents of south Orange County cities such as San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point.


The more people in south Orange County learn about the agencies’ plans to develop our open space by building toll roads that promote urban sprawl and the more beach closures people in south Orange County face due to polluted urban runoff, the more our local activism grows.

What he did get right is that south Orange County is the last stand. Once our open space is paved over, it will be too late: Open space in south Orange County will be gone.

Julia Dewees San Clemente


Obviously Gary Amigliore has his own view, but where he gets his facts is beyond me.

As a 50-year resident of Orange County, 30 of those years living in south Orange County, I can personally testify that Amigliore’s letter is off the mark.

I’ve watched open space swallowed up by land development that was to become Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo and on and on.

Two years ago, when I first heard of the Transportation Corridor Agencies’ plan to extend the Foothill Corridor south to the I-5, I selfishly thought it was a good idea because it would be a much faster way for me to get to work.


Upon further reflection, I began to realize that the last remaining open space of Orange County was threatened by this extension and would soon follow the path of upper Orange County.

That’s when I got involved. I have met many locals who are the backbone of the movement to stop the toll road. I’m now of the opinion that the more we are heard, the better chance we have of people listening to and understanding our concerns.

The theory of “reporting outsiders as South County residents” is unfounded.

Janet S. Bierney

San Clemente