What’s Simpler Than a Toll Road?

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Re: “Toll Road Warrior Goes on Defense” (Commentary, Aug. 12):

A few years ago, I moved to Orange County from the rural town of Bishop, Calif., where traffic just doesn’t exist. I quickly realized that the freeways in Southern California take some getting used to, especially when it comes to simple self-defense.

But I quickly adjusted to driving in Orange County, including the toll roads. So I laughed when I read the article, which implied that the county’s free-flowing toll roads are complicated.

If anyone can drive Orange County’s freeways, then anyone can drive Orange County’s toll roads.


Paying to drive stress-free roads takes a little getting used to. But if speeding drivers would slow down enough to read the large signs that say “Pay Cash” or “FasTrak,” then all they need to do is throw change in the bucket or pay the toll attendant and they’re off. How hard is that?

Carrie Almond

Lake Forest