Residents Object to Kitty-Litter Mine

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From Associated Press

The Bureau of Land Management recommends that a road be built to access a proposed kitty-litter mine in Hungry Valley north of Reno.

In its final environmental study released last week, the federal agency said the road would ease traffic concerns associated with the proposed Oil-Dri mine site.

Critics said the change does not diminish their opposition to locating a mine in a residential area.


“We haven’t seen anything that would alleviate our concerns,” said Todd Irvine, government relations coordinator for the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony. “We’re still solidly opposed to it.”

The Chicago-based Oil-Dri Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of kitty litter. Oil-Dri says the site contains premium deposits of clay, which is used to make the litter. The company’s proposal includes the removal and processing of nearly 7 million tons of clay over 20 years.