HUD Funding Cuts Hurt L.A. Housing Authority

In "Agency Takes a Bite Out of Housing Police" (Feb. 3), HUD spokeswoman Nancy Segerdahl was reported as saying the federal government should not be held responsible for the policing reductions in housing projects run by the Los Angeles Housing Authority, as the authority is not told how to spend its money. I would argue that HUD is responsible, because not enough money has been given to the authority to tackle the dual issues of housing-project maintenance and policing.

In spite of funding shortfalls, the Los Angeles Housing Authority used perhaps its most important resource--people--to create workshops wherein community members and the police could work together to address security and safety issues. Unfortunately, the federal government will not recognize the resourcefulness of the Housing Authority with grants to fund its community programs. Instead, HUD recognizes only dollar signs when balancing its budget.

Stefanie Evans

South Pasadena

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