It's Never Polite to Slur Your Words

I have now read three times in the L.A. Times about how umpire Bruce Froemming used a slur against women and Jews. Diane Pucin's Feb. 5 piece even suggests that Froemming shouldn't be allowed to umpire in the majors. Yet, none of the articles informed the readers of exactly what Froemming said. This is journalism at its worst. How can we judge whether we agree with Pucin when she doesn't bother to tell us what was said?

After searching the Internet, I ascertained that Froemming referred to a woman, Cathy Davis, as a "stupid Jew bitch," which is, of course, deplorable. The punishment, if any, that Major League Baseball should hand down is debatable. Now that you've printed this letter, at least your readers will be able to make up their own minds. You're welcome.

Ed Nemiroff

Sherman Oaks

Editor's note: We did, indeed, decide not to print the specific slur Froemming used but now realize that was an error in judgment because at issue were the words used. And, yes, the words used were as you indicate in your letter.


Diane Pucin's diatribe against umpire Bruce Froemming is yet more media hyperbole of a trivial incident. For his insubordinate, racist and sexist comment, Froemming received a 10-day suspension without pay and cannot work the MLB opener in Tokyo. The Dodgers informed Froemming that he is not welcome at their biannual adult baseball camp. What's next, deportation?

Froemming made an anti-Semitic remark. So did Richard Nixon, Jesse Jackson, Billy Graham and Louis Farrakhan. As a Jew, I am not offended by Froemming's remark, just bored. As with the others mentioned, I say to Froemming and his ignorance: Go tell it to someone who cares, Bruce.

Robert M. Ostrove

Westlake Village


Diane Pucin thinks Bruce Froemming should miss an entire season of baseball because he said an inappropriate comment to an administrator regarding the booking of his intercontinental flight.

How absurd.

Roberto Alomar spat in umpire John Hirschbeck's face and was handed a five-game suspension.

Is saying it that worse than spraying it?

Larry Yells

Hermosa Beach

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