Resistance to .08% Limit on Blood-Alcohol Level

I suspect the neoprohibitionists are cut from the same cloth as the zero-tolerance, anti-tobacco zealots ("A Spirited Debate Over DUI Laws," Dec. 30). They are the ones who have taken a good idea and perverted it into a totalitarian vision wherein their own quirky preferences become the basis for laws regulating everyone else's behavior. I suppose we could thank the .08% crowd for keeping us away from the many restaurants serving overpriced Chardonnay.

But foolish laws come at a high price by ignoring real causes and effective solutions. Arresting folks on their way home from a quiet dinner with wine is not going to save you from the red-light runners you see every morning or the unsafe lane-changers and freeway tailgaters. Why not go after the real cause of accidents: bad drivers?

Robert Vogel


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