Clonaid Says Parents Balk at DNA Test

From Associated Press

The head of the company that claims to have created the world's first cloned human said Thursday that the baby girl's parents are balking at whether to allow DNA testing on the child.

Many experts have expressed skepticism about Clonaid's claim, saying they needed to see DNA evidence as proof.

But "the parents told me that they needed 48 hours to decide yes or no if they would do it," Clonaid Chief Executive Brigitte Boisselier told the French TV station France-2.

The firm is linked to a sect that believes aliens created life on Earth.

Clonaid has refused to identify the parents or offer any proof the child is a clone but had promised DNA results to confirm their claim by the end of this week.

Boisselier told France-2 that the parents were reconsidering because of legal action in Florida -- where the birth was announced last week -- that could result in the girl being taken from them.

A Florida court was asked this week to order the girl turned over to state care if it finds the baby's health is in danger.

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