The Ins and Outs of Cooperstown Vote


As an Eddie Murray fan, I am thrilled to see him get into the Hall on his first try. As a child, I loved his persistence, calm and love for the game. He may not have been the most media- or fan-friendly player out there (which was his right), but he showed class and played hard every day. Eddie is a symbol of the hard-working man who keeps grinding every day without flash, yet wins in the end.

Tom Taira

Manhattan Beach


Poor Steve Garvey. Imagine the heartbreak at having to sit back and watch nemesis Gary Carter get elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. What’s not to like about “The Garv?” Let’s quickly ponder his 19 seasons: 10-time All-Star, NL MVP, four Gold Gloves, five World Series appearances, and a lifetime .294 batting average. C’mon!

Who knows, maybe my opinion is so grand because I’ve been watching Eric Karros for all these years. Let the conspiracy talks begin!


Chris Gagliano

Redondo Beach


Eddie Murray -- surly jerk with great statistics: Hall of Famer.

Gary Carter -- nice guy with mediocre statistics who had the good fortune to play in New York: Hall of Famer.

Maury Wills -- changed the game of baseball: Not a Hall of Famer.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Rich Rudy

San Diego