Pride, supersized

Hurrah for the city of Oaxaca! The municipal president has managed to do what no city council or planning commission here in the United States can seem to accomplish: He’s blocked the golden arches of saturated fat (“McDonald’s loses a round to Oaxacan cultural pride,” Jan. 5).

What has happened to our sense of cultural pride? We don’t have one main street anymore that isn’t brimming with fast food establishments. These eateries have become a symbol of the U.S. Think of Wendy’s when you think of Washington. Think of Carl’s Jr. when you think of California. Or Taco Bell for Texas. Take Cabazon, Calif., for example. Hasn’t everyone who travels that stretch of the 10 Freeway between L.A. and Palm Springs always looked forward to seeing the great dinosaurs reaching up from the desert floor?

Don’t bother to look anymore because the view has been blocked by Burger King.

Good job, Oaxaca.


Laurie Stevens