Santa Ana Needs a Light-Rail System

Last month I joined a group of Santa Ana residents to view the San Diego trolley system in order to investigate the pros and cons of that city's light-rail system. This was my second time reviewing San Diego's system. Since my first visit, a number of new apartments have been built adjacent to the light-rail line.

This was possible because the train is electric and the noise level is minimal, allowing the two to coexist.

I talked to a senior citizen who was able to reduce his personal driving by taking light rail. He just gets on and goes wherever he wants.

Residents of Orange County would greatly benefit from the light-rail system because it would reduce traffic congestion, provide greater safety than a bus and save travel time. It is also easy for senior citizens to use.

As president of the Central City Neighborhood Assn. in Santa Ana, I have recommended that Santa Ana move forward with the implementation of the light-rail system.

All major metropolitan areas in California have light-rail lines. Orange County should not be left behind.

Fred Bella

Santa Ana

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