N. Korea's Withdrawal From Nuclear Treaty

Why are we dancing to North Korea's tune ("There's a Method to Pyongyang's Madness," Jan. 11)? We should adapt a modification of the mutually assured destruction policy of the Cold War (with its proven effectiveness) into an "assured destruction" policy toward North Korea (and Iraq), meaning that any use of weapons of mass destruction will immediately result in our offshore submarines launching total destruction on their capitals. No need for huge, expensive military buildups and no need to maintain bases in hostile or potentially hostile countries.

Dave Weiner



Re "North Koreans Withdraw From Nuclear Treaty," Jan. 10: If we can withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty just because our president feels like it, why shouldn't other countries break their promises, too? If we can hold people for as long as we like in Guantanamo Bay without charges or due process, why shouldn't other countries hold Americans because they feel like it? Not only is our playing the bully unjust to the world, sooner or later it hurts us, too. Let's set aside shortsightedness and establish relationships of respect.

James Hober

Los Angeles

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