Griffith Park is walker's delight

I was dismayed to not see Griffith Park listed among the 10 places where one could take their 10,000 steps ("Steps in the light direction," Jan. 9). I have walked or run in many of the places listed, including the South Bay Strand, Brentwood/Santa Monica, Will Rogers Park, and the Rose Bowl. Failure to list Griffith Park for people who want to walk in a pristine setting is an inexcusable oversight. Griffith Park is the most popular place in Los Angeles to hold 5K and 10K walk/runs, not only because of its great setting, but because of its convenience. There are numerous five-mile routes one can take within the park.

Additionally, listing one mall, but not others is odd. Thousands of people each day choose malls close to them to take their daily walks. Not listing others, along with the organized walking programs they offer, is a true disservice.

Debbra Jacobs-Robinson


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