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What: "Woodie's World" Super Bowl special

Where: ESPN Classic, today, 4 p.m.

Those who were around for the first Super Bowl, played in 1967 at the Coliseum, might remember that tickets cost $10 and you could buy as many as you wanted. But the game still fell far short of selling out and television was blacked out within a 75-mile radius.

The first Super Bowl, which was then the AFL/NFL championship game, is a segment topic on this week's "Woodie's World." The weekly half-hour show features original reports by "Woodie" -- the late Heywood Hale Broun.

Broun offers a unique perspective on the game. The heavily favored Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10, in a matchup Broun noted did "little to light anyone's fire."

In another segment, Broun is back at the Coliseum six years later for Super Bowl VII, featuring the undefeated Miami Dolphins against Coach George Allen's Washington Redskins. By then, ticket brokers were getting $125 for tickets and the game was a sellout.

In the show's first segment, Broun follows the Packers to Tulsa, Okla., as they prepare to face the Dallas Cowboys in the 1966 NFL championship game. Vince Lombardi's plan was to go to a warm weather climate. Problem was, an ice storm arrived about the same time as the Packers.

In the show's final segment, Broun visits with Minnesota Viking fans who seem to be happy to brave the frigid wind chills at old Metropolitan Stadium.

-- Larry Stewart

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