The Controversy Over Removing Cats' Claws

Re "Legality of Banning Cat Declawing to Be Studied," Jan. 22: I grew up in New Jersey, where all cats were indoor pets and everyone had them declawed. I had my cat declawed and, two years later, moved to Los Angeles, where the cat became an "indoor/outdoor" pet.

Without claws, this cat was still able to climb walls, jump fences, play with other cats and enjoy a long, healthy life -- she lived for 15 years. It is ridiculous to ban cat declawing. What should be illegal is cropping a dog's ears and tail, which is done for cosmetic reasons.

Lauren Rose Linett



The West Hollywood City Council is to be commended for recognizing the cruelty of declawing cats and giving significance to its new role as the guardian of animals.

Bill Dyer


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