A Reality-TV Version of 'Beverly Hillbillies'

I found it interesting that Fenton Johnson, in "Gold in Them Thar Hillbillies," his Jan. 26 Opinion piece critical of CBS reinventing "The Beverly Hillbillies," links his point with the injustice of the president's tax-break package. Yet he reviews how his family in Kentucky made whiskey illegally to get around the government.

I guess it is OK for his family to make its livelihood with moonshine to avoid taxes but not for others to see legal relief because they are "privileged."

Bruce Wendler



Here's an idea for the would-be producers of the updated "The Beverly Hillbillies":

A weekly series in which a poorly educated good ol' boy from a Southern state is suddenly elevated to the presidency. We get to watch his hilarious fumbles as he wrecks the whole world. Now, that's what I call reality TV.

Dennis Castanares

Los Angeles

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