The boulevards of dreams

Shot into Bang! on Saturday night and got a lesson in pop culture. The back patio of the mod-soul house party at the Ruby on Hollywood Boulevard has evolved into a musical exchange, where fashion kids can be found debating their lyrical passions. I met a girl in an "Exploited" shirt toting an armadillo purse who said I have to check out the horror-punk band the Phantom Limbs. I met a mod boy from Huntington Beach whose objective in life is to write music that inspires Nick Cave to cover one of his songs. Clearly, the kids are a'ight.... Friday night at Synthetic was inspirational. The electroclash club at the Echo in Echo Park is a mecca for postmodern babes in the woods with big ambitions. Chatted up an 18-year-old go-go dancer from Glendale who's already running her own record label. Met a 20-year-old writer with bright pink hair who's looking to be the next Paul Oster. Dream yourself a dream come true, yo....

So among the deviants in the house on Friday at the Key Club's sinful spectacular, the Psychosexual Ball, were rockers Tommy Lee and Gene Simmons, who got their kicks from a spanking machine. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do.

One club fits all

Fate Fatal's Hollywood Babylon, an old school punk bar on Fridays at Spike on Santa Monica Boulevard, is becoming a super hot spot. Circle Jerks/Black Flag singer Keith Morris was a guest DJ last week and the place was off the hizz-ook.... On Saturdays, Dorscia in WeHo is covering all its bases by hosting a dance club offering hip-hop, house and '80s rock.... To celebrate the release of its latest album, "Re-Zoom," the Knack plans to kick on Feb. 22 at the La Mirada Theatre. These power pop boys from the '80s brought us the refrain "Good girls don't but I do." Got that right.

-- Heidi Siegmund Cuda

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