2 shows, but only 1 cooks

Times Staff Writer

The Disney Channel’s new family film, “Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off,” premiering tonight at 8, is missing key ingredients: wit and a light touch.

The well-meaning message -- it’s OK for boys to explore their culinary creativity -- is so larded with reassurances that the baseball-playing, would-be boy chef (Taylor Ball) is no sissy and likes girls that it becomes offensive (inescapable subtext: he’s not gay).

The movie, directed by Paul Hoen and written by Dan Berendsen, features Eddie’s thoroughly unpleasant baseball coach father, “friends” who doubt him and some real-men-cook words of encouragement from celebrity TV chef Bobby Flay in a cameo appearance.


A better family bet for Disney Channel viewers is tonight’s second-season premiere of Disney’s hit animated series, the stylish and clever “Kim Possible,” at 6:30. Aimed at ‘tweens, its sly humor gives the show adult appeal too.

Hip heroine Kim, part Buffy the Vampire Slayer, part “Clueless” teen queen, divides her time between defeating evildoers and worrying about dates.

In the opener, she must stop ghoulish nemesis Drakken from stealing the government’s new top-secret weapon, so secret that no one knows what it does.

Meanwhile, Kim’s teen angst is sparked equally by her parents’ embarrassing new hobby -- country line dancing -- and the typical wacko super-villain’s penchant for out-of-the-way real estate:

“Can’t there ever be a one-story, ranch-style lair?” she grumbles, after parachuting onto the roof of Drakken’s towering cliff-top hide-out and preparing, yet again, to save the world.