Oprah Winfrey is top pop icon

From Associated Press

Oprah Winfrey is No. 1 on VH1's assessment of the "200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons," a 10-episode ranking of actors, musicians, politicians, academics, sports figures and fictional characters that debuted Monday. She edged out Superman, who came in second, followed by Elvis Presley.

Eminem is No. 31, sandwiched between Bill Cosby and former President John F. Kennedy. The wrestler the Rock is at the bottom, just below Queen Latifah (199) and the "South Park" cartoon character Cartman (198). President Clinton is No. 18, and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky ranks 161.

The list was compiled after months of water cooler conversation among VH1 staff. Among the criteria: Can you dress as them for Halloween? Would you recognize them by a one-word name? Have they ever been parodied by "Saturday Night Live"?

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