Our Veterans Deserve Quality Health Care

Buried in the middle of the front section of The Times (March 4) was this very brief news item: "Veterans Wait Average 7 Months to See Doctor."

Here we are on the eve of spending billions of dollars to send our sons and daughters to war to sacrifice their lives. If anyone in our society deserves the best health care that this country can provide, it seems to me it ought to be given to those willing to sacrifice their lives for the rest of us. I find it unconscionable on the part of our president and our Congress to allow this to continue.

The big cry soon will be to spend as much as it takes to support our troops while they are at war. But when some return maimed, crippled or disabled there will be no one crying to support them. Ought not the rest of us on the home front be willing to make some kind of sacrifice to make sure veterans get what they so rightly deserve?

Benny Wasserman

La Palma

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