Talking Points Show Bush Is Set on Removing Hussein

I listened to President Bush's press conference with attention on Thursday, trying to understand the need for war with Iraq. I did not hear it. My mind was boggled by Bush's insistence on the connection of 9/11 and Iraq and the need to protect America. My mind reeled when he stated that the U.S. will offer humanitarian aid to the survivors of such a war -- after we partially destroy the country.

Then my heart chilled as I realized that however ridiculous this sounds, Bush really believes it. He is a "true believer" leading a superpower nation. How frightening!

Veda Veach

Culver City


Bush's performance was the most frightening thing I've ever heard. Robotic, virtually incapable of answering a single question -- but instead returning to his two or three talking points. This is the most powerful man in the world? God help us all.

Jonathan Aurthur

Santa Monica


We need to eliminate more than missiles and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; we need to eliminate Saddam Hussein and his regime. Hussein is going to piecemeal his disarmament, and in the meantime U.S. citizens have to live in fear of this murdering tyrant. How can we adequately ensure the safety of Iraq's neighbors and protect ourselves as long as he is in power?

Disarmament must include replacing Hussein's regime. Otherwise, when the inspections stop, he will start again right where he left off. If he won't leave on his own, the world must support his eviction. He has repeatedly lied for 12 years. How can anybody trust him? None of the U.N. resolutions will do any good unless they include language regarding Hussein's removal. Whether he goes peacefully or by force is up to him.

Joe Andreu



Liberty does not come from some mysterious, imagined, transcendental force, such as Bush's "God." It comes from a long history of human effort. Liberty is a social custom. It comes and goes and changes according to human activity. We are now in the midst of a global struggle about it.

Porter Ewing

Van Nuys


Forty-five percent of Californians approve of Bush's handling of Iraq (Times Poll, March 6)? Judging by the letters I see printed every day, I thought I was the only one!

Jeff Gormley


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