Ranking Our Fears and Acting Accordingly

Re "Fear Factor," Commentary, March 10:

Yes, I try to stay out of the sun and drive carefully; I stopped smoking years ago, and I try to lose weight. But I also have already stocked emergency supplies and duct tape, a good thing for the next earthquake or chemicals from a train wreck, and I'm sorry it takes a threat of terrorism to make people be good citizens and be prepared.

I'm not worried about my minimal chances of being a terrorist victim, but I am worried about my fellow citizens here and abroad who potentially will be if we sit on our hands and do nothing proactively. That's why I support President Bush and the effort to oust Saddam Hussein, who is worse than Hitler. And yes, I think the dictator of North Korea should be next, diplomatically if possible but by any means necessary, before he can start tossing nukes. I'm already paying for that insurance, and we all need to let our "risk managers" get to work.

Steve Hall


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